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​As we mourn the death of a great leader, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RGB), and advocate for human and environmental rights, we see how important “unreasonable people” are for change.  Her passing leaves our nation vulnerable to the further erosion of women’s rights, human justice and environmental protections.  So let’s step up- daily.

George Bernard Shaw wrote this, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

One of the things we most admired about RGB was that she could look at all sides of a situation, very deeply.  Even those opinions that she disagreed with she would still make an effort to understand the positions involved before making decisions.  This is how an unreasonable person thinks.  

Unreasonable people are so important for positive change.  They don’t see the world in black or white, Left or Rights.  Unreasonable people see in technicolor.  Unreasonable people see the whole picture, develop holistic paths, and try to look at problems from all sides with empathy.  

The best part of unreasonable people is they are unique.
Like snowflakes, but not flaky at all.

You may not understand their actions, you may not understand their life's paths.  What you do know is that the world magically changes around unreasonable people.  Now when you combine collaborative, honest, driven and unreasonable personalities you get “Game Changers” like RGB.  

Today I was sitting down with a dear friend, and he said “Dre, you are not what people expect.  I know you are driven because of all of the sports you do at a high level and the crazy adventures you have taken head on.  You are fierce, but when I look at your bio and CV it screams scientist or technology developer, it does not reflect you.  I see this complexity in Meg and Gordon too.  It’s hard to nail down just what we are. Especially because we never stop asking questions, observing, and learning.

The real answer is how do you write down all the things that make up people like Meg, Gordon, and I?  The truth is you can’t because we don’t fit into a typical mold.  We have gone after life experiences with open arms and have embarrassed challenges as opportunity. 

We are unreasonable people. 

It takes unreasonable people like us to make positive change.  To disrupt the norm.  To ignite a Blue Tribe. To mentor others. To raise wise, brave, and independent children.

So be unreasonable with us.  Be driven about the Blue, embrace new directions.  Together our Blue Tribe will shake it up and build something new, beautiful, and blue.  A Robust Blue Economy that will help support all of us with jobs, less pollution, less plastic, and better ocean economies!  

This is what we do to honor our unreasonable ancestors like RGB.  She helped lay the bricks, now lets build the Blue Empire. 

Love and Hugs 
Gordon, Dre, and Megan

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Like many of you, we have had a lot of time to reflect over the last few months of “stay in place”.  It has given Megan and myself time to realign with what is important. Time is of the essence to be a thinking leader and community member.

This summer, someone asked me, "Don't we just need to learn to live with the hustle and bustle?"  The panic in their voice and jerky body motions told me that they were caught up in this worry cycle that Covid-19 has created, and I sensed that they wanted me to share in the worry.  

We are worried over here, but this is a time for decisive action, not stagnation. Working hard is part of our team’s core nature. Succumbing to the numbness of fear will add to our hurting economy; let’s instead help it, team up, create jobs, and make an impact together.

Bring Back The Blue is an economic driver, Megan and I designed it to be that way very intentionally.  Both of us, as single Mom’s in a faltering economy, have had to make many sacrifices for our small children to live their best lives - and we did so happily, family is everything. 

We know that many families and single parents are out there, pretending to be ok. This tribe, The Blue Tribe, is where you can be yourself and share what’s going on for you, in your community, and in your region regarding material resources and waste. We will listen; we will help you take action.

Megan and I know the Ocean is our True North.  Megan worked in International Development for many years. One day in 2000, Megan saw a white paper pinned to the door of every office at the World Bank, the title was “The Next World War Will Not Be Over Oil, It Will Be Over Water.” Potable/drinking water is different from ocean water, we get it. But this precious resource in all of its forms is a major economic driver. And we want you to have access to it. 

For myself, when I am aligned with the ocean, success and greatness has always been there with open arms.

It's time to embrace greatness.  To follow that Blue North into the future.  We have the power to create our own path, to choose the destiny of our species and to choose our own adventure book.  Let's choose a healthy path that serves many!  A clean path.  A path where people can eat, have shelter, and provide for their families needs.

Megan and I have spent the last decade preparing for this opportunity. Our journeys, for those who know us, have been singularly unique and have given us a toolset that only exists between us, our commitment to the Blue, and commitment to each other. Now we are extending that commitment to you.

So here I am, here you are, here is the Blue Tribe we have created in Bring Back The Blue.

Society and the planet needs our messages, our solutions, our energy more than ever before. 

I look forward to the relationship and commitment that we will make together as the Bring Back The Blue Tribe!

​Dr. Dre
CEO and Board Member

<![CDATA[Dr. Andrea Neal: First Kaisei Expedition]]>Mon, 04 Nov 2019 17:52:30 GMThttp://bringbacktheblue.blue/blog/dr-andrea-neal-first-kaisei-expeditionTen year ago in the summer of 2009, I set out on a journey that changed my life.  I  led the scientific expedition for Project Kaisei.  We were on a truth seeking mission that has turned into a life long mission of working to save the ocean.  The experiences of this expedition has bonded me with life long friends who have also been activated on their own journeys to save the ocean.  It was on this mission that the need for collecting derelict nets in a systematic fashion became clear.  These large derelict nets "Ghost Nets" are a hazard to vessels, wildlife, and us as they break down into smaller pieces to be ingested and proliferate through the food web as well as the phthalates that leach from the plastic that inhibit oxygen production. Being intricately involved with planning of open ocean research I know the huge costs these expeditions take, even with all volunteer crews.  While Mary Crowley was developing net removal logistics, I was putting my business hat on and thinking about how we support this monetarily so that Ocean Voyages Institute and other marine debris removal projects can be self sustaining.  That was the start of a little idea that became a big movement called Bring Back The Blue Plastic Offsets.